Los quatro amigos - Hiroshi, Freddy, Yuri, y Hans

These four guys - Hiroshi, Freddy, Yuri, and Hans - befriended me in my first few hours in Cusco. I was shooting photos out on the city square. They noticed this and began acting for the camera, like most high school kids would do. After shooting several photos and chatting for a while, we became fast friends. They wanted to show me around Cusco and the historical sites surrounding it.

I really enjoyed their company and enjoyed shooting photos for them. They liked to show off their acrobatic dance moves, called Capoeira. I have to say it was entertaining to watch.

I'm very grateful that I met these four guys. Their knowledge of Cusco and Inca history gave me a far richer experience than I could have ever had without them, or even with a hired guide. They also took care of me, making sure I didn't pay too much or get hassled needlessly.

I am, and always will be, very grateful for their help and friendship during my time in Cusco.

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